Artistic Painted Drinking Horns

Drinking horns have been used by many cultures for many centuries. Few horns remain due to the fact that they are biodegrade. Horns were carved, dyed, painted, and bejeweled. They were not only drinking vessel but beautiful pieces of art.

Our horns are coated inside and out with a food safe coating. We add a copper rim to protect the top of the horn from breaking or cracking. A soft polar fleece bag comes with our painted horns to keep them safe while you are traveling. All the artwork on the horns are painted by Rita Townley and Jessica Townley of Badger Creek Studio.

What to look for when purchasing a horn:

  1. Are there any holes drilled in the horn?
    - This can compromise the structure of the horn and may cause leaking in the future.
  2. Is the horn clean on the inside?
    - We wash our horns before coating the inside.
  3. Is there any type of seal in the bottom of the horn?
    - We leave a small amount of resin in the tip of our horns so the horn can be cleaned thoroughly and prevent bacteria growth.

Our Artistic horns are guaranteed against leaking or breaking.