Horn Gallery

These works of art are a small representation of the artist Rita Townley and can be considered copywrited. These items are not for sale. Check out our online store for current items.

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Artic Fox
Artic Fox w/Celtic Knot
Bear Tracks
Gentle Bear
Snarling Bear
Tribal Bear w/Red Celtic Knot
Tribal Bear in Copper
Bear Paw
Boar w/Celtic Knot
Haraldic Boar
Book of Kells
Celtic Dog in Blue
Celtic Dog in Purple
Celtic Dogs
Celtic Hounds in Blue
Female Lion
Fox on the Run in Blue
Fox on the Run in Red
Snow Lepord Snarling
Celtic Stag in Red
Celtic Stags in Green
Celtic Stag in Blue
Primitive Stag
Celtic Stags in Copper
Celtic Stags in Green
Tribal Wolf in Purple
Water Horse
Howling Wolf
Snarling Wolf
Wolf w/Knot


Artic Fox
Wolf w/Knot
Artic Fox
Wolf w/Knot
Artic Fox
Wolf w/Knot
Artic Fox
Artic Fox
Wolf w/Knot
Artic Fox

Celtic Knots

Blue Celtic Candy Knot
Purple Celtic Candy Knot
Creen Celtic Circle
Green Celtic Cross
Red Celtic Cross
Green Celtic Diamond
Purple Celtic Diamond
Red Celtic Diamond
Celtic Fire
Celtic Gem Blue
Celtic Gem Green
Celtic Gem Purple
Celtic Knot Red
Blue Celtic Triangle
Yellow Celtic Triangle
Crome Celt
Crusader Cross
Blue Eternity Knot
Green Eternity Knot
Purple Eternity Knot
Red Eternity Knot
Party Horn I
Party Horn II
Green Round Celtic Knot
Purple Tribal Knot


Ancient Green Dragon on Pillar
Black Dragon
Green Sparkle Dragon Knot
Red Dragon Knot
Blue Dragon Mist
Green Dragon Mist
Purple Dragon Mist
Red Dragon Mist
Yellow Dragon Mist
Dragons with Celtic Cross
Dragon War
Earth Dragon
Ice Dragon
Ionic Dragon
Lovers in Blue
Lovers in Green
Lovers in Green and Blue
Red Dragon
Snap Dragon
Terracotta Dragon
Water Dragon

ALERT! - Lost Horn - "Fire Dragon"

                Kegan's Lost Horn

If anyone should come across this Drinking horn, please contact us immediately.
Currently it is considered to be Stolen, or if you have "found it", you can anonymously mail it to:
      Badger Creek Studio
      705 S. Logan Street
      Kewanna, IN 46939
Details: This is a one of a kind, Fire Dragon design, is has Norse Runes on the back and was discovered missing at Estrella War 2015 on Schnepf Farms property.


Griffin with Celtic Knot
Gray Griffin
Black and Red Hippocampus
Red Hippocampus
Black Rampant Unicorn
Green Sparkling Rampant Unicorn


Tribal Mermaid
Green Octopus
Green Octopus
Red Octopus
Red Octopus
Pirate Red Norse Knot
Pirate Blue Norse Knot


Red Broken Knot
Horns of Odin
Black Norse Dragon
Blue Norse Dragon
Green Norse Dragon
Norse Dragon Head
Gold Norse Dragon Head
Red Norse Dragon Head
Bronze Norse Knot
Green Norse Knot
Purple Norse Knot
Norse Ship
Norse Ship
Raven Volknot
Small Viking Ship
Small Viking Ship
Blue Thors Hammer
Copper Thors Hammer
Copper Thors Hammer
Blue and Green Unbroken Knot


Celtic Baying Wolf
Cernunnos and the Lady
Custom Blackfoot Forge
Custom Coat of Arms
Custom Shockra
Draculas Castle
Blue Dragonfly
Red Dragonfly
Aqua FleurDeLis
Blue FleurDeLis
Purple FleurDeLis
The Goddesses The 4 Elements
Air Goddess
Earth Goddess
Fire Goddess
Water Goddess
GoddessoftheSeason Autumn
GoddessoftheSeason Spring
GoddessoftheSeason Summer
GoddessoftheSeason Winter
Green Man
Peacock Feathers
Tribal Bat


Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Celtic Knot Purple Roses
Celtic Rose
Celtic Thissle
Illuminated Leaves and Flowers
Ivy Leaves
Purple Roses
Red Roses
Blue Roses
Gothic Roses
Red Roses
Tree of Life
Celtic Tree of Life
Rainbow Tree of Life
Winter Rose