Horns and Soap!!

Weather you enjoy drinking a frosty beverage, Lemonade (for the wee ones) or Sipping on Homebrew or Meade, you'll enjoy drinking in style with our Artistic Painted Drinking horns. Our horns will take you back in time, where Vikings rule, Druids thrive, Common Folk feast, and Royalty entertained. Ladies can also toast honorably with a delicate rose horn, or call your man's bluff and drink him under the table!!

Need to stay clean? We'll help you get the job done. Our Handcrafted soap will bring a smile to your face, from waking you up in the morning to washing the hard working sweat from a satisfying job well done. Lather up with our moisturizing shea butter soap, and smell the fresh new day that will make you feel like a younger YOU.

Come find us at your local SCA event, Celtic Festival, Farmers Market, or Renaissance Festival, Huzzah!! We are your Soap and Horn connection.

If you would like to purchase a Horn or grab some Soap, please visit our On-Line Store.